CORAZA is a Barcelona based independent leather brand that aims to create high quality cool leather jackets at a fair price. 

Designer Carlos Sanz was born into a family of leather crafts and inherited the passion for this noble material and all the possibilities that it offers. 



The garments are handmade with care in our atelier by the valley of El Montseny, in our hometown Sant Celoni. Steering away from the mass production, the designs are made in small production runs with a focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail, as a way to create a superior product and elevate the wearer’s experience.

The collections are crafted with a distinctive aesthetic, seeking to embrace a modern silhouette and emphasize individuality, always with the leather at the core of every design. 



 Three pillars define our work:  

MADE TO ORDER. We hold no stock of our garments. We produce accordingly to the orders received. We create products that have been made for YOU.

MADE RESPONSIBLY. We do not mass produce. We limit the amount of orders that we take weekly. Additionally, we carefully select our leather suppliers to make sure the tanning process has been done with low impact on the environment. 

MADE TO LAST. Quality product and timeless design make garments that get better over time. Jackets that last for years. 




Wear it. Feel it. Live it. Make it yours.